You do not need to hire an advanced developer to create an e-commerce website for you, not with the numerous e-commerce themes for Shopify available nowadays. There are several old and new Shopify themes that you can use for your e-commerce. All you need is a theme that allows you different functionalities to build a stunning e-store. Here is a brief review of some of the best e-commerce themes for Shopify.

  • Brooklyn Shopify theme

This theme offers you a chance to choose between two styles –the classic style, and the playful one. The playful style is niche-based. It provides you with a platform to browse through numerous bright colors for your site. It is ideal for kids clothing or bakery. The classic style is appropriate for stores for clothing or modern apparel. The theme features a slide-out cart that enhancing the shopping experience of your customers. This feature ensures that customers do not have to make numerous clicks before finding the shopping cart. Additionally, the theme comes with a homemade video to offer your visitors explanation about your products or company.

  • Narrative theme

The narrative theme is free and comes with different colors and styles. It is ideal if you need to create a small catalog. Its Hero video feature has autoplay functionality alongside a full-screen view button for an enhanced view. This theme is best for people who want to create visual stories. With this theme, you can customize different aspects of your products such as block quotes to images. The narrative theme has a fixed navigation that gives the user a better browsing experience. When a customer visits your site, the menu pops up offering guidance to the appropriate buttons. Also, a vertical slideshow gives you a chance to showcase your images, posts, and products.

  • Minimal

The minimal theme is clean and simple and comes with numerous styles to choose from ideal for music, fashion, and vintage shops. Though the fashion and vintage themes are almost similar, if you are in the music industry, the music style will offer you a fantastic platform. With product image zoom functionality, you have the best chance to showcase your detailed products. If you are selling fashion, your customers can zoom the images to get explicit details on the designs or the fabric of your clothes.

  • Venture

The venture theme is ideal for adventure sports or any other outdoor activities. Additionally, it has a new feature meant for outdoor brands. The header gives you a chance to display your products using overlaying text and a large image. There are numerous columns for the menu, and this feature gives your visitors a unique navigation experience. Moreover, the drop-down area gives you a platform to include more details about your products. The decision on which website themes you need to use for your e-commerce depends on the products you are selling and the taste and preference of your customers. Before you settle on any Shopify theme, shop around for different themes and make a comparison.